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The relationship between Sudan and Hungary goes back to 1970's and 1980's. In this traditionally good Sudanese-Hungarian relation, there are still remained advantages what the Trade House would like to utilize; furthermore Hungary became a member of the European Union, so firstly such an economic operator can be present in Sudan, which may represent not only the Hungarian but also the EU countries side as well.

The Sudan-Hungary Trade House Ltd. through its Budapest and Khartoum offices can handle and organize all the economic activities for who would like to open toward Sudanese economy besides that professionally trained staff can help to administer those transactions.



dr. Péter Ács


Hungarian agrarian delegation in Sudan


Dr. István Nagy, State Minister of Agriculture, was welcomed by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Sudan in early May. The aim of the delegation was to strengthen the relationship between the two countries and to strengthen cooperation in the field of agriculture.


During the visit, the Hungarian Deputy Minister also met the State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sudan, with whom he was able to reconcile good relations with the past and greed on the possibilities of the future. After that, with the Minister of Livestock they were mapping the areas that could be the most effective way to cooperate such as animal health and dairy development.

The importance of Hungarian relations and agriculture was showed by the fact that Prime Minister of Sudan has also met the Hungarian Deputy Minister.

Within the dense and meaningful program, members of the Hungarian delegation gained insight into the operations of the biggest milk processing plant and a sugar cane plantation and its associated plant and laboratory.

As a result of the visit, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed for closer cooperation between the two countries in the field of agricultural.

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